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Today a person's cell phone is quite possibly more important than their wallet. The phone can not only store and allow you access to just about anything, but it can also be a wallet. Storing credit cards, loyalty cards, and even identification cards. "All your eggs in the same basket" has now become the go-to method for everyday life, but what happens if you run out of power? The need for on-the-go power has never been more necessary than in today's world. From cell phones, wireless headphones, smart rings, smart watches, and even smart glasses we need power available where ever we might be.





Power, how do we take it with us? The advancements in power density have exploded in the last 10 years, driven by a connected world. For this project, we needed to discover a way to leverage today's power density technology to bring on the go. Now that you no longer need to carry around a pocket full of AAA's how do users interact with power? For a while caring around a second device with cables running from one pocket to the next was the only option. Are we back to the days of corded phones?

UAG's brand promise is to untether the user and allow them to go further. UAG makes technology that can go further with you. We needed to take power, off grid. Power that doesn't hold you back and stays charged while in the most adverse conditions. It needs to be manageable to hold in one hand. It needs to be as rugged as the case protecting your device. It needs to not only power your device but support it. This user demands the most out of their life, so we must create a power solution up to the challenge.

Size is everything, when it comes to power. We looked at many power cells in all different sizes and shapes to find just the perfect one. The in-hand feel and useability had to be perfect. We took this power cell coupled with a state-of-the-art charging controller and began to design our power bank. This power bank was all about freedom so we included both Mag-Safe sharing and tethered charging along with kickstand support. This would allow a single "sandwich" style carry that is cord and clutter-free. We then infused this package with that extra oomph our customers have come to expect from UAG. With an impact-controlling outer bumper system and a Hex-Braced outer shell, this power bank can take a drop, a toss, a dunk, and a huck.

After many prototypes and field tests and breaking a lot of things along the way, we had our victor. A power bank built to the UAG standard. A product built to not only survive, but to keep you powered and on the go. Whether you are gearing up for a killer base jump or simply weaving New York traffic to get that delivery on time, UAG keeps you powered and going. Built to go Further.


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