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In an ever-connected world, we still manage to lose things. Whether that's our keys, water bottles, or our dog we can't seem to keep it all from getting lost 100% of the time. Lucky for us companies like Apple and Samsung developed products to help. They created these products with an open-ended use case. It's simple, track your stuff. We, however, wanted to know what stuff? And how?





When I think of the things in life someone would like to keep tabs on, the list is extensive. Starting from the most practical of things like keys and purses, to the extremes like the rubber bands used on my little brother's braces. The use-case is truly infinite. On top of all the things to track are the environments and torture endured by those things in everyday use. These devices will need to be protected, no question.

With this being a new product (at the time), there were ZERO other competitor products to look at. This would be a ground-up, first-of-its-kind product. So, where do we even start? Well with all the variability in items to be tracked, we will need a multi-functional solution. This solution would need to be built to take a ton of abuse. It needs to have multiple ways of using the product and varying retainment options for whatever comes up. In essence, this product is representative of what UAG brings to consumers, the ultimate product built to the extreme.

When we talk about the iterative process, this product was one of the most demanding. With so many uses this thing had to excel at so many tasks, and never fall short. We drew from rally racing technology and implemented a metal "roll-cage" design ensuring the highest durability and strength. Next, we needed to give the user the option of different attachment methods. We included a top-gate carabiner design for quick latch applications and a solid loop integrated into the "roll-cage" for those fail-safe connections. These two options allowed the device to be connected to a set of keys on one end and clip to your pants or bag on the other. Inside the metal exoskeleton, we over-molded a suspended silicone harness with a durable plastic shell for the AirTag retainment. This kept the AirTag safe from rough conditions. A device built to take a beating.

The sleek faceted design of the extended hexagon and metal cage is the purest UAG DNA to date. It speaks to the rugged functionality expected from UAG products and is loved by its users. The top-gated clip allows for seamless operation and accessibility. No need to add ANOTHER thing to your keys, when you have this multifunctional key clip. Take it to the rock wall, the alpine desert, or the tip of the world. Built to go Further.


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