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HELLO 2023

The newest technology is always getting smaller, lighter, and more streamlined. When headphones first made the jump from a 1/4" stereo jack to a 3.5mm jack, the world of personal audio innovation was just beginning. Fast forward and now the tiniest earbuds boast awesome sound and portability. Along with this innovation come new problems. Most wireless earbuds come in a charging case shaped like a small river rock. I have never liked carrying rocks in my pocket no matter how smooth they are. Not to mention the rate at which these slippery little cases get lost. What happens when you need your tech to keep up with you, from the climbing crag to the airplane there needs to be a solution to go further.





Now taking a small, smooth, streamlined product and preparing it to take a beating on the trail sounds like a strait forward request and answer, at least I thought so. The problem was far more multifaceted than I had anticipated. The thing about an object that is already less than an ideal size in your pocket is, it just gets exponentially bigger with every little bit you add.

The initial concepts proved to be too bulky. We had to also factor in, what if it rains? What if our user is in a type of gear without pockets? Or has other gear they would like to use the case as a tracker for? We could offer our users a secondary function to the product they already own. This product not only needs to maintain clear brand alignment but also embody the UAG promise to "Go Further".

After many prototypes, the solutions were found. We designed three different cases to fill a varying set of needs. The discovery of honing solutions and offering multiple options that all represent the UAG brand was the answer. Designing a product for the minimal, city adventurer. The Rugged outdoor explorer, and the tenacious professional, unwilling to be held back. The DOT, SCOUT, and CIVILIAN were born.

This new set of cases was tested and proven to outperform. Offering supreme protection, refined UAG brand language, and user benefits second to none. The cases to keep the grooving audiophile, the relentless learner, and the deal maker going wherever life will take them. Built to Go Further.


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