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Ripcurl and surfing are synonymous. Ripcurl has always been an innovator in the surfing wet suit world. From the light summer suits to the Thermobomb line, they have been harnessing the future of surf apparel and implementing it into the best products for the surf community. In an increasingly digital world, the competition for surfers has gotten even more fierce. So how do we bring the digital toolkit to the modern-day surfer? How can Ripcurl continue its mission of empowering surfers on this new digital front? Let's paddle out and see!





Some of the best technological advances we have seen in the athletic space are wearables. From the early development of chest-strap heart rate monitors coupled with advanced dedicated computers, the human quest to build a better self has been relentless. Just as we humans can always improve, so does our technology. The tracking capability of the newest wearables is incredible. How do we keep technology from becoming a hindrance to the athlete? How do we leverage today's wearable technology to bring a meaningful solution to the surfing community?

The best wearable for surfing at this time was the Apple Watch. This device was not only readily available, but it was already being used in the surfing world. But the use of the Apple watch had been dying off, surfers were losing an expensive piece of equipment and could not afford to see this Tech as a consumable in the sport. Traditional retention systems, not designed for surfing were responsible for not only lost tools but further waste in the oceans. The common answer was to bury the watch under your wetsuit sleeve, and for those that have used a wetsuit, this is an arduous process to be able to see your data when out in the surf. We needed to solve a few problem points for Ripcurl, if they were going to bring a product to market with their name on it, it had to stand up to the promise.

This problem-solving started with balancing watch retention with a low-bulk answer. The surfers need to be confident in the retention under whatever mother nature can throw at them. Surfers also need the watch and retention system to play nicely with the accompanying equipment they use. It needs to be able to sit nicely with a wetsuit, during use, and during suiting up or down. The band needs to keep clear of the edges of the board and fins. It needs to feel smooth during the paddling stroke and not like a chunky watch for diving.
All of this, and the product needs to be Ripcurl down to its DNA, in or out of the water.

Backed with supreme retention technology used in the UAG line of watchbands, we were able to create a band and buckle system to keep this digital tool planted on your wrist wave after wave. Combined with a retention-boosting mechanical connection on the free loop we ensured catch-free use not only when paddling, but suiting up before and after the big waves. Using inspiration from classic dive watches, advanced textiles, Ripcurl's current watch line, and minimalist design language, we were able to develop a series of incredible bands for surfers, to continue to push the limits.


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