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Everyone has a case for their phone. When anyone brings up a "rugged" laptop, we all jump to the massive, plastic briefcase used in movies when the villain is about to blow something up. As it turns out it's not just the villain in stories that want to protect their computers. Every day people would like to protect the device that likely caries their whole life, and not have it look like they are about to audition for the next 007 Villain role.





When it comes to protecting large electronics the answer has always been "add more padding". In a world of "more", we would like to have less, do more. For this problem, innovation is the answer. We will need to use new and innovative ways to not only give the visual assurance of protection but back it up!

We looked to our already successful and slim line of laptop protection for a jumping-off point. We were met with many incremental changes that added a variation of two benefits at the cost of another. It might have survived the drop test, and it looks very tough, but also very chunky. We broke a lot of laptops in the quest for a meaningful solution...

The answer finally came in the form of an "old" technology, which most of us will remember from our early days in school. The doors of my old school were all inlaid with something called Georgian Wired Glass. For those that don't know this is a form of safety glass that has been layered with a wire mesh. Using this idea we began to prototype and test our newfound path.

The Georgian Wired Glass concept, combined with our innovative TPU bumper technology and an internally molded Hex-Pattern, gave us unmatched strength and confidence in the next best product for everyday laptop protection fit for a Bond Villain.


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