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Ezra DePree has a strong design and technical proficiency background, bringing a wealth of experience to the table in creating innovative designs through various mediums such as sketches, photo-realistic renderings, and Alias Sketch Models. Ezra’s in-depth understanding of the prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly process within various industries, including automotive and technology, has enabled him to complete projects efficiently while ensuring marketplace producibility and design excellence. Ezra prides himself on his adaptability, exceptional teamwork, and communication skills, which have enabled him to build strong relationships and collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams.

Key Skills

  • Strategic Vision

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Visual Communication

  • Technical Proficiency

  • Creative Problem-Solving

  • User-centered Design

  • Collaboration Skills

  • Leadership and Management

  • Adaptability

  • Attention to Detail

  • Cross-functional Collaboration

  • Market Awareness

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Solid Works, Fusion360, Rhino, Gravity Sketch

  • Keyshot, VRED


As an Industrial Designer at Glorious, my primary responsibility is to design and develop cutting-edge gaming peripherals that meet the needs of our discerning gaming customers. I work closely with cross-functional teams, including product management, engineering, and marketing, to ensure the successful launch of products from concept through production.

• Design and develop high-quality, innovative gaming peripherals that meet the needs of our customers while adhering to project timelines and budgets.

• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure the successful launch of products, from concept through production.

• Create sketches, renderings, and 3D models of product concepts, and use prototyping to test and validate designs.

• Conduct user research to understand the needs and preferences of our target audience and incorporate insights into the design process.

• Ensure that product designs are manufacturable, meet regulatory requirements, and are cost-effective.

• Stay up-to-date with industry trends, technology advancements, and design innovations, and incorporate them into product development

At Glorious, I have the opportunity to work on exciting projects, collaborate with talented professionals, and contribute to the development of high-quality gaming peripherals. I am passionate about gaming and designing innovative products that enhance the gaming experience for our customers.




At UAG, a leader in the consumer electronics industry, I served as a Designer, contributing to the development and innovation of the company’s products. I was responsible for creating designs that reflected a user-centric approach, while also ensuring that attention to detail was maintained throughout the entire process. My role involved working closely with cross-functional teams including engineering, development, and marketing to bring sketches and renderings to life and ensure that the highest level of quality was maintained. My commitment
to delivering top-tier innovation and design strategy has played a key role in the success of UAG’s products.

Key Achievements:

  • Designed intricate color layering translucent CMF (Color, Material, Finish)  systems using Multi-shot injection molding, bringing a pioneering approach to the field.

  • Innovated the industry with the design and implementation of a groundbreaking Apple AirTag solution, nominated for the 2022 CES Innovation Of The Year Award.

  • Demonstrated leadership skills by successfully spearheading a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Ripcurl, resulting in the development of a series of Apple Watch-compatible products, slated to launch at the upcoming Surf Nationals event.



As an Industrial Designer at Illumivation, I developed out-of-home designs for high-profile clients including Range Rover, Nike, Puma, and Freeform. I utilized both hand sketching and digital techniques to create targeted designs that effectively showcased their products and experiences. My role involved overseeing all aspects of the design process, from initial consultation and redesigns to evaluating structure, process, and cost. I also ensured that the project was executed with the highest level of quality by managing all phases, including the hand-off to the installation team.

Key Projects:

  • Successfully managed a large-scale project to design and implement five distinct bus stop buildouts. I was responsible for overseeing the entire project life cycle, from initial design renderings to addressing technical challenges and working with manufacturing to complete the project within a tight four-week timeline.

  • Partnered with the popular TV show, “Lego Masters,” to create a unique and effective bus stop advertisement that met all city regulations while still delivering high levels of client satisfaction. I utilized my creative skills and technical knowledge to ensure that the project was completed to the highest standards.

  • Collaborated with a Chicago-based coffee startup, BrewBike, to refine the design of a mobile coffee serving bike. I was instrumental in developing an innovative and functional product that met all relevant health regulations and standards. This project showcases my ability to effectively balance design and function in all of my work.



Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

Metropolitan State University  -  Denver, CO

Key Projects:

  • I conceptualized an award-winning International Student Project idea, leading a group of 20 international students to execute the final project.

  • Partnered with a group of students to research, design, and execute a holistic, cost-effective rain barrel, featured on the local news for the product's customizability, cleanability, and adaptability.

Formula SAE  - Motorsports Engineering Competition

Colorado State University  -  Fort Collins, CO

Key Projects:

  • Designed and constructed a top competing Formula Style race car with a group of multidisciplinary students.

  • Competed on an international stage multiple years in a row finishing in the top 10%.

Associate of Arts in Fine Arts

Front Range  - Fort Collins, CO

Key Projects:

  • Strong form development through clay sculpture and pottery (Throwing).

  • Featured in local art shows for work with various mediums including Charcol, graphite, and marker.

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