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This was one of those moments where you get one chance to make it work and if anything is off then the whole project would have been a bust.

We replaced the back glass entirely with a museum-quality display case. This required exact measurements of the current mounting brackets, the creation of brand new mounts that would be hidden as well as strong enough to pass local building code, getting city approval to extrude the back glass into the public walking space, and not to mention maintaining the style and quality of a JCDecaux / Outfront Shelter.

In collaboration with some very helpful blueprint documents provided by Outfont, we were able to design and fabricate the LEGO Master Custom Display Unit. It was internally lit and allowed the prop to shine day or night.

Generally, we put things on rooftops to keep the public from hurting themselves or damaging the prop. This was not the ask. We needed to create a new space for the display, a space that had never been used before, the back wall of the bus station. We're now in "First to Market" Territory. So what was the plan?






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